About the Trust

The Robins Trust was founded in 2005 following an open meeting of Cheltenham Town supporters.

In the immediate aftermath of the ITV Digital collapse, Football League clubs were experiencing critical money worries, and fan ownership through a supporters trust was becoming common.

At Cheltenham Town there has, thankfully, never been a crippling concern over the club’s future, so the Robins Trust was set to be an aid to the club, not its saviour.

In the first 10 years since foundation in July 2005, the Trust steadily increased its shareholding and membership, and supported the club whenever funds allowed.

The Trust was on course to, one day, achieve its aim of having a supporter-elected representative sit on the Cheltenham Town board.

The Trust’s aims and objectives changed in 2013 when our founding secretary Bryan Jacob died.

Unbeknown to anyone, Bryan had named the Robins Trust as the sole beneficiary in his will.

The proceeds of his estate amounted to more than £200,000 and led to a historic vote in April 2015.

Trust members agreed to invest £200,000 into Cheltenham Town, thus securing a place on the club board.

Long-term chairman Clive Gowing was duly elected to serve as the club’s first ever Fan Elected Director, completing his two-year term in April 2017.

After Clive’s two-year term as FED ended, he decided to call time on his eight-year tenure as Trust chairman, leaving the Trust to contemplate a new era.

Another open meeting – similar to the one held at inception in 2005 – was held and a new working group was established aimed at relaunching the Trust.

Working alongside Murry Toms, the Trust relaunched in October 2017, with a new plan for a new era.

Our aims – to RISE:

  • Every single Robins Trust member and supporter of Cheltenham Town
  • Be a trusted point of contact for every Cheltenham Town fan
  • Be open, inclusive and democratic, to ensure all fans are represented
  • Ensure that the needs and wants of all supporters are respected by the Football Club board, through our Fan Elected Director
  • Encourage the Football Club to put the views of the supporters first and foremost in every decision they make.
  • Ensure that the Fan Elected Director is open, accountable and communicates regularly with all supporters
  1. SERVE
  • Every supporter, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or disability
  • The whole community of Cheltenham Town fans
  • The community where our Football Club is based
  • The Football Club to better serve the community it represents
  • The Football Club to achieve excellence on the pitch by developing home-grown footballers for the first team
  • A friendly and vibrant fan culture, in order to improve numbers and atmosphere

With the aim of:

  1. Ensuring the fans have a significant say in how their club is run
  2. Protecting the Football Club’s long-term future by securing a significant shareholding
  3. Making the club robust, secure and able to attract the right kind of investment to improve the club on and off-field.
  4. Have a growing say in how the club meets it’s on and off-field objectives, through the work of our Fan Elected Director
  5. Growing our membership to at least 1,000 members, ensuring that the Trust is as representative as it can be to the needs of every single supporter