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It is easier than ever to join the Trust, either as a rolling-monthly investor or an annual Trust member.

Simply follow the links below and submit your details and payment.

Join now via our new Online Membership Platform

The more money our members contribute, the more shares we will buy and the more of the club we will own together. Every pound paid by our members will help to grow the stake you have in the club and the say you have in how the club is run.

Monthly Investor - as much as you like (£5 min)

Every pound we receive we will invest in the club, but we want Robins Trust membership to be affordable to every fan, so we also offer a yearly membership that still provides full voting rights.

Yearly Member - £10 per annum

Don't fancy joining, but want to help us out with a one off donation?

One off Supporter - as much as you like (£1 min)