The Robins Trust has changed; Trust membership has changed too.

We will never lose sight of the need to be a representative voice for all Robins fans.

Through our Fan Elected Director we will continue to ensure the views of the average fan is heard.

But as we bask in the glory of our first ever Football League title, with one-of-our own managing an exciting side playing at the highest level in our history, we want to invest in that success.

And that’s why Trust membership has changed.

We are encouraging fans to invest a small amount each month – starting from £5 – with a commitment that those funds will be invested directly into our club.

Annual memberships, with all the benefits of monthly memberships, are still available for £10.

The Trust wants to become a regular and steady investor in our club, providing consistent funding, while all the time laying firm foundations to ensure the fans are always at the heart of our club.

As you invest, we make these pledges:

  • With the Government’s Fan-led Review of football, we stand at the dawn of sweeping changes to how the game and clubs are run.
  • Members of the Robins Trust Board participated in the review on behalf of our fans, and we will play a key role in what comes next.
  • We will continue to invest the money our members contribute to our cause and continue to grow the ownership stake of the most important shareholder - the fans.
  • We will continue to forge the strong working relationship we have with the three other major owners and provide a solid base to secure the long-term and continued success of our Club.
  • We will continue to provide boots on the ground through supporter engagement to communicate your ideas and concerns to the Boardroom, so we can grow this Club together.
  • We will continue to professionalise our operation and bring best practice from other clubs where fans have a direct say in how they are run.
  • We will continue to provide an outlet for fans to be informed and educated about how the club, the league and the game are run and how they can participate.
  • We will continue to work with the Community Trust and support local people and charities.
  • We will continue to defend and represent the diversity of our membership and the entire fanbase.
  • We were little old Cheltenham in the last century, but times have changed. An entire generation of fans have grown up with Cheltenham Town as an established Football League club.
  • We will continue to make an ambitious mindset part of the Club’s fabric, while keeping Whaddon Road a welcoming venue for young and old.

Boots on the ground, a seat on the Board, money in the Club, our eyes on the future.