RISE: Represent, Influence, Serve, Encourage

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How we will RISE. The Robins Trust will:


  • Every single Robins Trust member and supporter of Cheltenham Town
  • Be a trusted point of contact for every Cheltenham Town fan
  • Be open, inclusive and democratic, to ensure all fans are represented


  • Ensure that the needs and wants of all supporters are respected by the Football Club board, through our Fan Elected Director
  • Encourage the Football Club to put the views of the supporters first and foremost in every decision they make.
  • Ensure that the Fan Elected Director is open, accountable and communicates regularly with all supporters


  • Every supporter, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, disability
  • The community of Cheltenham Town fans
  • The community where our Football Club is based


  • The Football Club to better serve the community it represents
  • The Football Club to achieve excellence on the pitch by developing home-grown footballers for the first team
  • A friendly and vibrant fan culture, in order to improve numbers and atmosphere

With the aim of:

  1. Ensuring the fans have a significant say in how their club is run

  2. Protecting the Football Club’s long-term future by securing a significant shareholding

  3. Making the club robust, secure and able to attract the right kind of investment to improve the club on and off-field.

  4. Have a growing say in how the club meets it’s on and off-field objectives, through the work of our Fan Elected Director

  5. Growing our membership to at least 1,000 members, ensuring that the Trust is as representative as it can be to the needs of every single supporter