Statement on today’s FA Cup ticketing announcement

— 2 minute read

Within minutes of the FA Cup first round draw, the Robins Trust – through fan elected director Murry Toms – made immediate contact to the club board over ticket pricing for the match.

The Trust board felt that £10 adult tickets in all areas of the ground would encourage fans to attend the match, while also rewarding supporters for their support over the past year.

Murry put those arguments to the board, in line with his responsibilities to represent all Robins fans.

However, after discussions with the rest of the board, a decision was made to implement another pricing strategy.

Murry said: “Shortly after the draw I got in contact with the rest of the board to ask for tickets to be £10 in all areas of the ground.

“Discussions with the rest of the board followed and led to another pricing strategy.

“The club board is democratic and we respect the financial needs of the club and the decision that has been made.

“However, as fan elected director it is my responsibility to campaign for the needs of regular supporters and, as a Trust board we wanted to make our stance public.

“The Trust remains determined to put forward the case for affordable football, while balancing the needs of the club’s finances.”