Chairman steps down, meeting planned for March 26

— 1 minute read

At a scheduled meeting earlier this week, Robins Trust chairman Tarran Wilson notified the Trust board of his decision to stand down from his role due to work commitments.

Tarran had served as a board member for a number of years and took on the role of chairman after the reorganisation and relaunch of the Trust in October 2017.

The Trust board would like to pay tribute to the hard work, commitment and determination Tarran has shown in the many roles he has held, not least in steering the Trust into a new era.

Since the relaunch, when an almost entirely-new board was elected, the Trust has been operating with a bigger, broader-skilled board that represents a wider demographic of Cheltenham Town fans,

An extraordinary general meeting of the Robins Trust board will be held on Monday, March 26 during which the elected members will decide what steps to take next, in accordance with the Trust’s rules.

Further announcements will be made after that meeting via the Trust website and social media channels.