Robins Trust response to Season Ticket pricing complaints

— 2 minute read

The Robins Trust has noted the reaction from supporters to the recent season ticket announcement by the club.

The Trust’s Fan Elected Director campaigned at board level for a prize freeze on all season tickets, in line with our commitment to make football as affordable as possible.

FED Murry Toms also took a leading role in devising a detailed marketing plan to announce the sale period with as much fanfare as possible.

Murry put this plan into place ahead of travelling to Australia to work for Team Wales at the Commonwealth Games.

During that period Down Under, what had been agreed and put in to place changed and this led to the bungled announcement made by the Football Club last week.

Not only had this detailed plan devised by a volunteer working on behalf of the fans been abandoned, there was a change to the sales process that made the announcement misleading.

The news of a £5 administration fee applied to all season tickets was news to both the Trust’s Fan Elected Director and to the Trust board.

We will be calling on the football club to explain this decision in full to supporters, who are understandably annoyed that their ‘frozen’ ticket prices are subject to a compulsory £5 rise.

The Trust will be considering any response by the football club with great interest.