The Robins Trust would like to pay tribute to Paul Baker

— 2 minute read

The man who helped transform our Football Club

Now that it has been confirmed that Paul is standing down as chairman of Cheltenham Town, it is only right that we thank him for his extraordinary efforts over the past two decades.

Alongside those who have worn a red and white shirt, coached and managed the Robins, nobody has had more of a positive impact on our club than Paul Baker.

Paul has supported the aims and ambitions of the Robins Trust from our formation back in 2005 through to the election of our first Fan Elected Director in 2014.

Because of his support and encouragement fan representation at board level is now enshrined in Cheltenham Town and we believe that will be one of his lasting legacies.

The Robins Trust board will be seeking a meeting with the football club in the coming days to discuss the future and our role in shaping that.

The Trust – and therefore the fans – are the fourth largest shareholder in the club and we will be doing our utmost to ensure the voice of the average fan is heard as loud and as passionately as ever.

Although we do not currently have a Fan Elected Director in place, the role is one that is filled by the Trust as an organisation and not by any single person.

The Trust board is meeting this week and we will be in constant communication with the Football Club to ensure we are able to take part in discussions as to who takes over from Paul.

We are sure that all fans will share in our admiration for the work Paul has done during his long tenure and wish him every success for what comes next.

But most of all, we want to express our thanks for what he helped our club become.