Trust and Club agree to appointment of interim FED

— 3 minute read

The Robins Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of Dave Beesley as interim Fan Elected Director.

We are also delighted to confirm that after constructive discussions with members of the Cheltenham Town board, Dave will be able to take up his post immediately.

That will ensure that the voice of the Robins Trust – and therefore that of the regular Cheltenham Town fan – is heard during the process for picking a new chairman for our Football Club.

The past month has seen an extraordinary set of circumstances conspire and led to a period of confusion and uncertainty for the Trust – and more importantly the role it plays.

After our former FED Murry Toms resigned, it was expected that the Trust could take its time and go through the detailed election process in full to appoint a new FED.

However, following Paul Baker’s decision to stand down as Cheltenham Town chairman after 21 fantastic years at the helm, the need to appoint a new FED became urgent.

In accordance with Trust rules, the appointment of an interim FED can be made by the Trust board and not the full membership but only on a short-term, interim basis.

The Trust board met for a scheduled monthly meeting last Thursday where Dave Beesley was the unanimous choice to take on the role.

Football Club vice-chairman David Bloxham and board member Clive Gowing attended that meeting after the Trust business was concluded and a consensus was reached about the next steps.

Following a meeting of the Cheltenham Town board on Friday, Dave Beesley’s appointment was approved and he will be welcomed to the next scheduled Cheltenham Town board meeting.

Trust chairman Dave Jennings said: “We had a full, frank and constructive meeting with both David Bloxham and Clive Gowing where both sides were able to speak freely about what comes next.

“We are pleased that they respected the Trust’s position that the FED role belongs to the Trust and not any individual and are delighted that they will be welcoming Dave Beesley on to the board.

“The Trust will now take steps to initiate a formal election process to appoint a permanent FED early in the new season.”

Until then and because Dave Beesley will not have undergone the full Fit and Proper Director Test as stipulated by the EFL, there will be decisions from which he will be unable to take part.

However, the Trust has received assurances from the Football Club board that he will be able to take a full role in the discussions around appointing a new chairman.

Cheltenham Town club secretary Paul Godfrey said: “The Board of Cheltenham Town AFC Ltd has held some constructive discussions with the Robins Trust over the past few days.

“EFL regulations require the office of director at a Football League club to be held by an individual and not an organisation so it became necessary for the Trust to nominate a new Fan Elected Director and this has been conducted in accordance with the Trust’s own regulations.

“On behalf of the Board I’d like to welcome Dave Beesley as the interim Fan Elected Director.

“He will have a hard act to follow after the excellent work done by Clive Gowing and Murry Toms but we very much look forward to working with him.”