Programme Notes – Crawley – 4th August 2018

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It has been a busy summer for the Robins Trust with a new membership price introduced, a new FED being put in place and a full and frank exchange of views with the Football Club after being called to act by our members.


We made some changes to our membership structure last season with the aim of becoming more inclusive and more representative of the club’s supporter base.

Robins Trust membership now costs just £5 and is for the length of the football season.

All single year memberships expired in mid-July and ALL members should have received an e-mail from the Trust advising on how to renew.

To join the Trust simply log on to and follow the easy steps. Payment can be made by PayPal or by credit or debit card.

We will also be taking cash membership payments at our Saturday Surgery – more of which later.

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Towards the end of last season our FED Murry Toms decided to stand down from his role on the Football Club board due to personal reasons.

Murry made an outstanding contribution during his time as FED, leading the Blue for Crewe campaign and providing the club with marketing ideas lightyears ahead of what it had done before.

The Trust Board moved quickly and decisively to appoint Dave Beesley as interim FED ahead of a formal election at our AGM which is scheduled for September.

Dave has been attending board meetings and contributing as much as he can as an interim member of the Club Board. We will confirm the date and details of our AGM in the next two weeks.


As part of the Trust’s remit to represent supporters, we took on board a number of comments of dissatisfaction with a stealth price rise on season tickets.

The Trust has always worked closely with the Football Club and we have always had a positive relationship. However, we will never be afraid to call them into account if we feel it is needed.

With this issue we had frank discussions with the Football Club board, leading to two members of the club board attending a Trust Board meeting.

We hope that this set a precedent for a closer working arrangement in the future, although we will never be afraid to speak frankly and honestly if our members ask us to.


Starting today, members of the Trust board will be in the main bar before the game to sort any membership queries and to listen to supporters’ suggestions.

One of the Trust’s core responsibilities is to represent the club’s supporters and through our FED we can raise gripes and make suggestions at Football Club board level.

The Saturday Surgery will be a regular feature throughout the season, so come and say hello. Your opinions and feedback are vital.

You will also have noticed that our friendly raffle sellers were not in place ahead of today’s game.

The Trust Board took the decision to stop the raffle ahead of this season and we are now looking into some new and exciting schemes that will entertain, raise money and give you a chance of winning.

Watch this space…