Elections for the role of Fan Elected Director

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The election will follow the following process:

  • The election will be run by an Election Management Group consisting of one member of the Trust board (who is not standing for re-election) and an independent scrutineer.
  • James Young (Robins Trust) was chosen to organise the election as per a Board Meeting on Monday, July 16 2018. After consultation with Supporters Direct, Neil Le Milliere (Exeter City Supporters Trust) has agreed to be the independent scrutineer.
  • Eligibility for the role of FED is set out in the Trust’s Fan Elected Director rules and any nominee must agree to be bound by those rules.
  • The timetable for the election of the FED will be as follows:
      1. August 23, 2018: Notice of AFM and election circulated to all members.
      2. Midday, September 20, 2018: Deadline for receipt of nominations and candidate statements.
      3. In the week beginning September 22 an announcement will be made as to whether a ballot will be necessary. A ballot will be necessary if there is more than one valid nomination. If so, the following will happen:
      4. September 27, 2018: Candidate statements for all candidates seeking election will be published on the Trust website.
      5. October 4, 2018: voting forms and candidate statements and means for online voting, will be sent to Trust members.
      6. October 18, 2018: Election count and result announcement at the Robins Trust AGM.

    Click HERE** for a Fan Elected Director Nomination Form.**

    All forms, and corresponding confirmation messages from proposers must be sent to elections@robinstrust.org by the relevant dates listed above.