A particular set of skills

— 2 minute read

With the Robins Trust AGM on the horizon (details to follow very soon), it is also election time at the Trust.

We are looking to fill vacant positions on our Board - with skilled, enthusiastic, creative individuals who have a passion for Cheltenham Town FC.

We will be shaking up how we work in the next period - with the focus on fun and fundraising. Remember, every penny we raise will be invested into Cheltenham Town FC.

Every role on the board is up for grabs - so we will be looking for people who see themselves as events managers, fundraisers, rabble rousers, clothes and merchandise designers - and even you lovely people who love rules, administration and numbers or technical nerds like myself.

With close ties to the 1887RedArmy and the Former Players Association, we will aim to put on a show and help the communities of Cheltenham through our shared interests.

Through me, our FED, we have the closest links a Fans Group has had to the club in a long time. We have an opportunity for the Trust, Club and other fans groups to work together to really raise Cheltenham Town to new heights.

So please - get in touch with me via fed@robinstrust.org or https://twitter.com/davebeesley - and let me know how you can help your Trust and your Club do better!

Lets raise some money, and have some fun along the way!

Dave Beesley

Vice Chair, Robins Trust