Answers to Fans' Questions from the recent CTFC Fans' Forum

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At last week’s Shareholders Meeting and Forum, the Trust offered to ask questions on behalf of fans who were unable to attend.

Due to the forum not being covered in the media or live-reported by the club’s media team – and after only highlights were produced of the video taken – we want to respond with the answers:

Why was the event not advertised, like other Trust forums?

Unlike the event we held at Deya Brewery last year (standing room only, if you remember!) this was not organised by the Robins Trust.

A number of people contacted us on social media to ask why the event wasn’t advertised well and we have mentioned the lack of clear advertising to the club.

EFL rule 128 states:  Clubs shall hold at least two meetings/fans forums per Season to which its supporters (or representatives) are to be invited in order to discuss significant issues relating to the Club.

Last week’s forum was one of those two events – in the coming years, after the recent Fan Led Review of football, standards for engagement with supporters will far exceed these.

We look forward to working with the club to ensure we not only hit but exceed these standards.

The sizing of Errea kits is on the small size and the range in the shop of non Errea items needs improving, can this be done?

This question was asked and answered by Clive Gowing and John Murphy on behalf of the Club board.

They explained that the deal with Errea was the best financial and service-wise.  Previous tenders had taken place but Errea had always come out on top.

Sizing was said not to be as big an issue as previously, and that an extra size had been introduced in recent years.

In terms of the range of other merchandise, costs were often a barrier due to minimum order sizes.

Clive reported that the club shop “does well” and makes around £150,000 in revenue each year.

There have been issues with catering at the ground this year, what is being done?

The Trust’s FED has raised the issue of catering at the ground numerous times in recent weeks ahead of the Forum, because there have been problems.

Our FED has taken on the responsibility for liaising with the caterer and small steps have been taken aimed at improving the service.

The caterers have taken on a new manager for the site and he has made changes and our FED is working directly with him.

A smaller menu has been put in place in order to be able to concentrate on speeding up service.

Other changes are planned during the summer, which the FED and Trust will relay to supporters nearer the time.

The toilets in the ground – especially the ones in the Paddock – need freshening up.

Again, this is an issue we have raised with the club this season and action is being taken.

Our SLO regularly checks the facilities on a matchday and reports back issues to the club to be fixed.

There is a list of work being created for the summer which was fed back to the club last week.

In regards to the Paddock toilets, there is a particular problem with the roof of the building that has been given a temporary fix until the summer, when full repairs will be made.

Further Questions?

Part of the Trust’s role is to engage with the Club on matters affecting fans.

If you have a query, question or have noticed a problem with the facilities at the ground please contact and and we will do our best to resolve them.

Also, our Supporter Liaison Team are a regular presence at the ground on matchdays at the Information Hut outside the ground, do drop in to say hello and to raise any issues.