Bryan Jacob Cup - Cheltenham Town Supporters Player of the Year 2021

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It is time for the supporters to make their feelings known and vote for the outstanding individual in an outstanding Cheltenham Town team.

Fan representation and the need for the supporters to have a say in the game has been the hottest of topics in recent weeks.

We are one of the lucky clubs, one of the minority that have a real influence in the way our club does things – and one man had a significant role in that.

Bryan Jacob helped the Robins Trust get off the ground as its founding secretary and was a driving force in the early years as the Trust established itself.

But Brian’s greatest legacy was the one he left the supporters of Cheltenham Town in his will.

Bryan’s estate was eventually valued at more than £200,000 and that it was left to the supporters and not to the club was the true measure of the gesture.

He knew – we all know – that our club belongs to the community it represents and by gifting that legacy to the fans, we were able to achieve the first steps on the road to community ownership.

The great sadness is that Bryan is not here to see his legacy in action. To see the work of our current Fan Elected Director in representing the fans.

But it does ensure that there is a huge sense of responsibility to ensure that his gesture continues to reap benefits for the whole of the Cheltenham Town community for years to come.

And that is why the Trust wanted to create a lasting legacy for Bryan, and it’s why we thought of no better way to do that than by naming the Supporters Player of the Year trophy in his honour.

Each year the supporters come together to vote for the best player in red and white and each year the winner takes the Bryan Jacob Cup.

But more importantly each year, we can be happy in the knowledge that Bryan’s extraordinary gesture is remembered and celebrated.

Vote below for this year's winner of the Bryan Jacob Cup for Cheltenham Town Supporters Player of the Year.

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