Details of DIY SOS Day at Whaddon Road - Saturday 14th October 2023

— 1 minute read

Thank you to those people who have registered for our DIY SOS day at the Completely-Suzuki Stadium on Saturday.

Members of the Trust board met with stadium manager John Duffy today and we can now confirm what bits and pieces need doing.

With a dry day expected, the main tasks will involve painting, so wear clothes that you don't mind getting splattered with emulsion!

The club are providing all the materials, and representatives from the Trust will be on hand from 9am in the morning to corral the troops.

There are a few things to do, but with a fair wind - and a mighty brush - we hope to finish around 3-4pm.

The club will also be providing access to tea and coffee making facilities.

Thank you to all those fans who have registered, let's make sure this new era gets off to a (ahem) glossy start!

Please register below and the team will be in contact on Friday with full details.