Invest in Success - A new way to support The Robins

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Despite a period of extraordinary uncertainty and change, Cheltenham Town have achieved something remarkable.

Together, as fans, we have the chance to follow suit and do something to help our club to build on the incredible success of Michael Duff and his team.

We want to bring all Robins fans together to rally behind and show our faith in our club and Invest in Success

Our club has strong foundations laid by the current owners. We want to build on those and ensure that our club's future is - and always will be - determined by the fans.

On the back of the extraordinary show of fan power in opposing the Super League, we want to put the power into the hands of Cheltenham Town supporters.

We want to gradually and irreversibly increase the stake that the fans have in our club.

We are looking to Invest in Success.


The Robins Trust exists to give every single Cheltenham Town supporter a chance to have ownership in their club.

Over the past 16 years the Trust has invested close to £300,000 in our club, ensuring that each of our members is a part owner of our club.

But now we are upping the ante.

We want to Invest in Success and ensure that the club will have community ownership at its heart and to ensure that the average turnstile-clicking fan is the number one priority.

Our Trust is affiliated to, and works with, the Football Supporters Association, an organisation that will play a key role in the government's Fan Led Review of football.

The recent upheaval caused by Project Big Picture and the Super League has shown that football governance and ownership must change.

Our club is built around and centred in the community of Cheltenham and we are aiming to ensure that never changes.

By increasing our 10% stake in Cheltenham Town AFC Ltd and working with the current owners we want to lay the foundations for a strong, resilient and successful future.

If we Invest in Success now - at a time of strength - the supporters benefit, the club benefits: Everybody benefits.

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Robins Trust membership is changing.

During a time of extraordinary upheaval during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Trust researched and explored ways to help the club make ends meet.

The extraordinary efforts of the team on the field in playing, competing and scaring Manchester City ensured a timely windfall and means our club is in a better position than most.

But we can always strive to do more - and as fans here's how we can do it.

Our new membership and subscriptions portal will allow each and every Cheltenham Town fan to Invest directly into our club.

Whether that's through a £10 annual membership or a voluntary monthly investment, each and every penny raised by the Trust will be invested into shares in our club.

Trust members influence Trust policy, they form the Trust board and can stand to be a Fan Elected Director in our club.

As our shareholding grows, your influence grows and the long-term stability of the club is further ensured.


The Robins Trust has a good working relationship with the current board of directors. We also want to work alongside the club's current owners to plan for the long-term future.

We want to Invest in Success to ensure that our club always has strong and stable ownership.

We don’t have, and don’t want some egomaniac using our club as a vehicle for other aims, we don’t want to ever experience the threat of an unfriendly owner.

We want to put the average fan front and centre in our club and work alongside the current ownership group to ensure the club always belongs to its fans.

We want to make our club stronger and eventually put ownership into the hands of the people who matter most, Robins fans and the wider community of Cheltenham.