Joint CTFC Board and Robins Trust Board Communication

— 2 minute read

As the respective Chairs of Cheltenham Town and the Robins Trust, we are pleased to announce, an inaugural meeting of representatives of both boards was held recently to discuss options on how we can further jointly develop our relationship in the best interests of the wider club.

The meeting was facilitated by a long-standing supporter of the Club.

The discussions were based, but not restricted to, topics outlined in the recent ‘Building for the Future’ document issued by the Robins Trust.

All representatives contributed positively during the meeting with information being shared by the CTFC Board on the club’s budgeted income streams, initiatives underway, individual Board responsibilities, changes in coaching and playing personnel and other matters. Trust Board members provided direct feedback on the key issues raised by the fans, particularly, during / post the April CTFC Shareholders Meeting.

All representatives recognised that several issues discussed were / still are ‘commercially and people sensitive’ and therefore unable to be communicated in detail more widely. Trust Board members thanked the CTFC Board for their candour.

The CTFC Board recognise that, at times, the Club’s overall communications to fans could be improved, both in timing and content. CTFC’s Chair has therefore committed to collaborating with his fellow directors and, as appropriate, with the Trust to improve communications.

Several other actions arose from the discussions relating to the FED role and the potential Strategic Review highlighted in the ‘Building for the Future’ document. Both Boards agreed that further, more detailed discussions were required, prior to any actions being progressed.

Shortly, the CTFC Board will formally respond to the Trust Board on those ‘Building for the Future’ topics not specifically covered during the discussion.

Further communications will be agreed and issued on other topics as discussions are progressed.

All representatives recognised that while both Boards won’t always agree on every subject, the adoption of regular and positive joint meetings will allow the exchange of views and ideas that will be in the interests of all stakeholders in the Club.

David Bloxham Cheltenham Town FC Chair 26th June 2024

James Young Robins Trust Chair 26th June 2024