Supporter Liaison Officer

The Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) is a vital connection between fans and the club.

[UPDATE 11/09/23] The Supporter Liaison Officer post is currently vacant. Please contact the club at if you are interested the role or would like more information.

The Supporter Liaison Officer is a UEFA mandated position in football clubs and is strongly encouraged by the Football Supporters’ Association. The SLO role is not standardised and is therefore variable between clubs - at Cheltenham Town this is a voluntary role.

As well as being a link between the club and the supporters, the SLO is also connected to the vibrant community of Supporter Liaison Officers working with clubs across the country – this allows the SLOs to share best practice and experience of dealing with issues that are common to clubs of all sizes.

Whilst the role of a Supporter Liaison Officer may vary from club to club, here is an outline of the areas where previous SLO Jenny had a positive input:

  • Make contact with the visiting Club SLO prior to matchday and provide relevant information for travelling supporters;
  • Liaise with the Club Safety Officer and be aware of all recommendations and safety information relating to matchday;
  • Offer to welcome away coaches on arrival and meet the visiting SLO;
  • Be visible and available to home and away supporters around the stadium on match days, to give information, answer queries and receive feedback
  • Actively seek feedback about the match day experience
  • Report feedback from fans to relevant party at the Club
  • Liaise with away SLO’s to ensure CTFC fans have relevant information for away fixtures
  • Engage with fan groups wherever possible, face-to-face and using the CTFC SLO Twitter account
  • Work with Cheltenham Town and the Robins Trust to establish positive links with current and potential supporters
  • Share information that the Club wishes to disseminate to supporters
  • Act as a bridge for dialogue and discussion between CTFC and supporters
  • Work with other stakeholders e.g.: security staff, Disability Liaison Officer, and the police, as required, to encourage safety and a positive matchday experience for all fans
  • Be a point of access for supporters to give them a voice to express their concerns
  • Recognise and explore the diversity of the fan groups, and their differing needs and concerns. Give all fans a voice to express their views and concerns so that the matchday experience is optimised for all
  • Make links with SLOs at opposing clubs to promote positive relationships between supporters of CTFC and those clubs
  • Answer queries from fans who prefer to use email rather than use public social media as a forum for discussion
  • Engage with other CTFC staff to ensure no overlap or unnecessary duplication of work and ensure that CTFC supporters receive the best service possible and consistency and transparency of information
  • Recognise and identify gaps in knowledge required to perform this role and take steps to address them

If you would like to find out more about how you could be involved, please contact: by email or on Twitter by direct message @CheltTownSLO