Could you be our next SLO?

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We'd like to point supporters in the direction of the club's call for applicants to the SLO role:

It doesn’t help to tip-toe around the fact that there were previously issues that led to the last SLO leaving the post – this has been discussed elsewhere, not least on a special episode of the Robins Report podcast.

But in that same episode, Club Director Murry Toms talked about the work that he has done to resolve those issues and make sure that the next SLO is given the support they need and is embedded in the culture of the club. Kaylene Isherwood has now joined the Club in a marketing role and will work closely with the SLO to ensure that there is a vastly improved communication channel both from the Club out to the SLO (and then to the fans) and from the SLO up through the club to board level, where both Murry Toms and FED Dave Beesley can communicate to the Club Board as a whole.

As the Supporters Trust, we know it’s in the Club’s and Supporters’ best interests to have a strong, energetic, respected SLO. Murry has discussed in detail with us the changes he has made and the space he has carved out for the role and we want to encourage anyone who wants to help build our club into the modern, professional, outfit we need it to be to apply for this position.

You can find our outline of the role here:

Could you be our next SLO?

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch so far regarding the Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) position.

If you are interested in this voluntary role and being part of the new era at Cheltenham Town, please send us some details about yourself and why you believe you'd make a good SLO.

The SLO will play an important role in communication between the fans and club, acting as a vital connection between the two in this position.

They will be the main point of contact for home and away supporters on matchdays, providing information, answering queries and taking feedback on board.

This will include creating relationships with a variety of people such as opposition SLO's, fan groups and the police to ensure a positive matchday experience for all.

Away from games, the SLO will be active on social media responding to fans and their concerns as well as keeping supporters connected with relevant updates.

Get in touch with the Club regarding the SLO role

Although it is an unpaid position, it is an incredibly rewarding one with the opportunity to make a real difference with our team to develop the matchday experience here at the Completely-Suzuki Stadium.