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The Robins Trust AGM is set for the 17th November 2022, starting 7.30pm at Deya Brewery.

As with every year the AGM will include elections, and confirmation of appointments to the Robins Trust Board.

Nominations for the board are open now, but close this Thursday (13 October at 12 noon), so now is the time to ask yourself if you wish to join the board.

So, what does the Trust do? permalink

The Trust is the fourth largest shareholder of Cheltenham Town Football Club, and is represented on the board of the club through our FED, David Beesley.

We see the role of the Trust as a critical friend of the club; however, we do not shy away from raising our concerns to the board.

We are involved on every decision the board takes, from the employment of coaches to the state of the lavatories.

One of the Trust board members is also the club SLO, Supporters Liaison Officer. Her team now looks after the information hut (newly installed in the car park) and assists both home and away supporters’.

This year the trust has produced the visitors guide to the ground, which can be found here. An invaluable guide to both regular and first-time visitors.

Our current Chair, James Young is on the National Council of the Federation of Supporters’ Associations, (FSA). From this position, he presented the views of clubs at our level to the independent review on football governance.

In the months leading up to Christmas apart from the AGM we are running our very first Christmas prize draw. Tickets are £1 and there are over 40 great prizes to be won, with more to be added in the coming weeks.

We also have a very exciting announcement due before the end of October. Something the fans have been calling for, and something the Trust have been working incredibly hard to get done. We are extremely excited for this one – look for clues and announcements on out social media, and for more information visit the Robins Trust website.

What would I do if I joined the board? permalink

This is an open question, ask not what the Trust does for you, but what you can do for the Trust.

We are always eager for energised, active support on board, but we also have room for those who contribute from behind the scenes. We currently have an array of writers, event organisers, designers and other hard-working people on out board. Not all of our board members live in the Cheltenham area, but they all beaver away to make a difference.

Meetings are held once a month via a video conferencing platform.

How can I join the board? permalink

First you must be a member of the trust – you can join here

Then fill in the nomination form, which you can find the election process and form here